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Creating a Learning Environment


Today, organizations face the challenge of accelerating change. Budgets are tightened and everyone is expected to do more with less. Welcome to the new reality of business. The way business is being conducted is rapidly changing and it impacts the current state of learning and development. No organization can adequately meet the challenge of ever-present change without an intentional informal learning strategy in place and functioning effectively. Learning organizations need to move beyond the formal learning mindset and rethink how informal, social, and immediate learning solutions can help them achieve their business goals and fit into their overall learning plan. Many organizations have a limited view of what blended learning can and should be. In practice they limit their solutions to formal learning modalities. How can your organization move forward to embrace a "New Blend" of formal learning opportunities with intentional informal learning practices?


The KnoNow™ system is a specific technological solution that delivers a blended learning environment for any program. We have developed breakthroughs in technologies and electronic performance support systems to change not only how people engage in learning but also to integrate the most effective practices from both formal and informal learning. KnoNow™ creates a post-seminar learning community to pull-through the key learnings and behaviors of any program. Our first offering is for delivering a pull-through learning experience for the Leadership is a Choice® course. This program is a year-long experience, ensuring the skills of this program are embedded into the culture of the team.

Social learning is accelerated when we give our attention to other individuals and groups and learn as a community. Requests for help, feedback and insight can be made without burden, without formality. The
KnoNow™ system facilitates the best features of learning in a social environment.


Henry Ford said ". . . mankind was once wiser . . . than we are today. What we now only believe, they knew." Ancient cultures have spent thousands of years developing profound knowledge of the social context in which learning, relationships and sustainable high-quality cultures are developed. These small-scale ancient cultures still exist today and they have much to teach us about how to develop effective corporate cultures for the 21st century.

During the process of KnoNow, your team will become a learning community: a kind of "e-village" for accelerated change and mastery of specific and highly-leveraged behaviors. You will accomplish this by incorporating some of the methods small-scale cultures use, but applied through technology that has been adapted for our culture.


We have an innate desire to create novel connections. When people solve a problem themselves, the brain releases a rush of positive neurotransmitters. This phenomenon provides a scientific basis for letting employees work out their own solutions and their own insights. The KnoNow process is based on creating an organizational wide series of "ah ha!" moments and then captures those moments for others to share in. The KnoNow model helps your culture learn faster and more efficiently.


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