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Learning is the main driver for productivity. A new age has arrived for transferring knowledge in organizations based on social e-learning. Social e-learning accelerates adoption of the insights and new behaviors for any group. KnoNow™ considered that people learn conceptually from:

KnoNow is a platform that supports all of these primary methods enabling learning to occur in an integrated fashion to transfer new knowledge and wisdom in an organization.



The KnoNow system addresses traditional learning challenges. Many factors can hinder knowledge transfer in organizations. In some studies, people retain only 20% of the information 30 days after engagement. Research shows the reasons behind this lack of stickiness in training center around:

  1. Lack of follow up
  2. Lack of managerial and peer feedback
  3. Lack of practice of a new skill
  4. Lack of motivation of the learner
  5. Time constraints
  6. Overloading the learner
  7. Lack of access to the new information post engagement
  8. Few opportunities to practice in real world situations
  9. Ideas are not shared
  10. No measurement of activity


1. KnoNow Delivers Follow Up

The key to making training work is follow up. Often managers do not engage their teams by following up after a training. KnoNow's process provides follow up for learners in the context of their own environment. By reviewing the content in the weeks and months after the training, learners can practice and review so they retain most of what they learned. Continued follow up completes knowledge transfer, enabling your organization to fully realize your investment.

2. KnoNow Delivers Manager and Peer Feedback

KnoNow provides learners an environment in which to improve their newly learned knowledge through tasks that facilitate skill development. The key to making training stick is manager and peer feedback. The learning group contributes the feedback . The sharing of successes in the learning community enhances efficacy. The learning sticks because the learners are getting feedback from peers and management about what they have shared and what they have learned.

3. KnoNow Delivers Deliberate Practice and Repetition

Our brains want to follow the well-worn paths of least resistance. One part of our brain is dedicated to the formation and holding of the neural circuits of long-standing patterns. It requires much less energy to function than working memory because it links behaviors that have already been shaped by extensive habit and experience. This long-term pattern memory works very well without conscious thought. In contrast, working memory in the prefrontal cortex fatigues easily and can hold only a limited amount of information consciously at any one time. Therefore, any activity conducted repetitively gets pushed into the unconscious, long-term pattern forming part of the brain. This frees up the processing resources of the prefrontal cortex. KnoNow works by creating repetition of new skills until the patterns are learned and reside in long-term memory. KnoNow builds in repetition effectively though tasking of the learners. Each practice increases the demonstration of a skill by putting the individual in a learning community with readily accessible online materials.

4. KnoNow Delivers Motivation

Moving the learning experience into KnoNow's social setting motivates the learner to practice and retain new knowledge and behaviors in order to interact on common ground with his or her peers, and the act of sharing these insights builds in additional repetitions of the concept. By introducing skills into a learning group, everyone is involved at the same time in learning the same skills. The casual conversations and postings around the new or revisited skill create a desire to be part of the insights and the learning community. With each person learning from everyone else, the learning community builds momentum and each person wants to be a part of the growth. KnoNow's social learning system gives each participant a feeling of importance of not letting down his or her colleagues. KnoNow is like having a workout partner who motivates you to stay true to exercising ñ people are more likely to stay with a program when they believe others are counting on them.

5. KnoNow is Time Efficient

We designed the KnoNow Wisdom platform to create an environment where your learning is self-directed. You get to choose how deep to explore a concept or a new skill. The system embeds the learning into the actual job environment. Your learning takes place at the same time you are working. This allows the integration of concepts acquired from the online learning modules into their everyday job without requiring significant additional time to foster the learning.

6. KnoNow Delivers Staged Learning

New skills are best learned in stages. When learning to play the piano, new students absorb information in increments; they learn small fundamental actions that, when practiced over time and combined with other learned actions, lead to the ability to play more and more complex pieces. The system guides students along a deliberate path that regularly introduces new skills and continually reinforces those already learned. These small steps ensure success as the learner captures new behaviors in stages. Over time, the new practices become second nature, leading to a progressively more advanced skillset.

7. KnoNow Delivers Just-in-Time Access to the Collective Wisdom of an Organization

The KnoNow Wisdom platform is a self-paced process of finding information and learning skills when and where needed. Because the system captures the learning of each individual, it becomes a way to access the information contained in the training along with capturing knowledge synthesized across the group as a whole. The flexible delivery of both training and learning through anytime/anyplace networking provides just-in-time knowledge transfer. KnoNow provides a company-wide learning community centered on the individual learner's experience.

8. KnoNow Delivers Real World Learning

Real world learning, also known as on-the-job learning, is learning that occurs while the learner is engaged in his or her daily work. While simultaneously performing their job duties, participants learn by doing, reflecting on their experiences and then generating and sharing new insights and learning with one another. KnoNow delivers this type of learning though both our Mastery and Wisdom Platforms.

9. KnoNow Delivers a Learning Community

Learning communities have become quite commonplace in education circles. The term describes a collegial group who are united in their commitment to an outcome. The success of a new learning community hinges on collaboration, but that rarely occurs automatically. Our KnoNow process creates the communication, engagement and momentum that is key to delivering on the promise of a learning community. The KnoNow system bring teams together to learn and create a culture of learning through the fostering and deepening of relationships.

10. KnoNow Delivers Useful Feedback and Measurement

Human beings adjust behavior based on the metrics against which they are held. Anything you measure impels a person to optimize his score on that metric. This phenomenon plays out time and again in research studies. In the KnoNow system, we provide both quantitative measurement and qualitative feedback. The system measures more than whether someone has completed the learning: it captures the quality of the learning. So often Learning Management Systems have a bias towards quantitative data as the only predictor of feedback, and it often focuses the learner on only one metric. Yet equally important is the harder-to-collect and harder-to-interpret qualitative data. KnoNow delivers both types of feedback seamlessly, providing you the tools to genuinely accelerate learning within your organization.

Research suggests that as much as 90% of training resources are spent on the design, development, and delivery of training classes that yield 15% on-the-job application. Research also suggests that the reinforcement that occurs after the training event produces the highest level of learning effectiveness and return for your investment. Our process works because KnoNow builds on a learning community's collective insights and cascades your knowledge back to your organization.


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