Master Yoshi was a 13th century Zen Monk who said: “A window is made of a frame but it is the empty space which makes it useful.” KnoNow is like the frame that we can use organizationally to create a variety of useful behaviors that in essence fill in the space.


  • Clean and easy-to-use learner interface
  • Integrated virtual classroom
  • Flexible navigation
  • Weekly call-to-action
  • Individual progress tracking
  • Multiple question/activity types
  • Peer rating/response to content
  • Private 'journal' posts
  • Internal public microblogging
  • Customizable in-system documents
  • Learner support tools & content library
  • Multi-format video streaming
  • Easy-to-create worksheet templates
  • Ready for PPT, PDF & JPG attachments
  • Question & answer w/ mentors
  • Moderator portal
  • Ability to masquerade in various roles
  • Customizable skin
  • Configure training to -
    • Individuals
    • Small learning group/team
    • Entire department
  • Revision history
  • Data export
  • Same experience in IE, Mozilla, Safari.
  • Robust Security
  • Multi-format video streaming
  • Various user roles (moderator, teacher, student)

The KnoNow solution:

KnoNow provides an online, on-demand learning software solution to emerging and established corporate and independent training firms of any size who provide face-to-face training. Unlike many learning management systems, we were built from the ground up to integrate social learning as you either deliver online content or provide pull-through for your existing courses.

KnoNow helps you leverage the power of your trainings to seamlessly integrate your training and education efforts. Most LMS platforms make these claims yet our solution gets to the heart of building a real leaning community online. The best advice we have is for you to pilot our program and experience the difference.

Wisdom Platform

Most online learning programs utilize a platform that is not consistent with how people learn best. Their presentation platform is one of stuffy lecture-style teaching. They present their materials and test the participants. While they all say that they have social learning, what they mean is while the participants can have group discussions these occur in totally separate forums, so the analogy is like teaching an entire class and then sending the students off to an entirely different building to talk about what they learned.

The reason we built the KnoNow Wisdom Platform was to replicate the type of learning that happens in the classroom online. Think of any seminar you have attended and while the stories and lectures may have been interesting it was through the experiential learning that you gained new insights. And these insights were expanded and enhanced by the discussions you had with your team members after the learning event. KnoNow takes all the best aspects of experiential training and combines them with a learning community to create real knowledge transfer. This is our patent pending approach to replicate what is best about attending a seminar and putting it into an online experience.

Mastery Platform

Our mastery platform can take your training event and turn it into a learning process. Our Mastery Platform allows the learning to happen over time and is based on solid research on how real learning happens in any environment. Repetition of any skill will improve learning retention. When you repeat the key insights from the learning event, you stimulate recall and improve the likelihood the participant will apply the information in the future. With our Mastery platform your insights are kept alive in your learning community. Spacing the learning out over a longer period of time will also improve learning retention. You can inspire your learners to engage the key insights from the program for any length of time. These engagements can happen daily, weekly, or monthly and they help apply the knowledge learned directly into your workspace. Our Mastery Platform is also built with the entire element that makes the Wisdom platform so effective. Each time the student is engaged or tasked they can build upon their insights by participating in the KnoNow method for building an online learning community. Because our participants can practice and receive timely feedback through this platform they can refine their understanding of the material and share those insights with their colleagues.


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